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Paul N.

I needed an attorney who was well versed in State and County law. I was lucky to find Mr. Grossman. He represented and protected me in and out of court. He made all the preliminary calls and made sure we were ready to deal with my case. I owe him my gratitude and my respect. I would say, you will be hard pressed to find a better attorney in the Atlanta. Thank you Mr. Grossman.

David O.

Attorney Richard Grossman is a very experienced knowledgeable lawyer. I called him to take on my case and he was very responsive. He picked up the phone right away and gave me free consultation that most lawyers will charge you for . I was facing felony charges and he took on my case on a short notice. The case was dismissed on 01/18/2019. I will recommend him highly for anyone facing serious criminal charges . Also he helped me locate my passport which was taking away from me as a bond requirement, I picked up my passport today 02/04/19. Thank you Mr Grossman, God Bless you !

Cheryl B.

Richard is not only a fabulous attorney who gets great results, but he truly cares about his clients. He takes the time to listen, explain and answer your questions. I highly recommend him

Crystal E.

I am so appreciative and thankful for Attorney Richard Grossman. I was in a very serious situation and needed the expertise of an exceptional lawyer, and Attorney Grossman fit the bill completely. He is an extremely knowledgeable, straight forward, compassionate, and dependable attorney. He went above and beyond and worked extremely hard with everyone involved to get me the absolute best possible result for my case. I am so very grateful for him.

Exodo G.

An AMAZING lawyer! Mr. Grossman was very helpful and is extremely knowledgable! He will fight for you as though you're family and is always in contact regarding any matter. Great listener, determined and supportive are some of many things I can say about him. I'm grateful I got to meet him, I will recommend you give him a call!

Yolanda T.

Attorney Grossman represented my son in a criminal case. His wisdom and advice enabled my son to keep his record clean and the charges were dropped. He is an excellent attorney and explains the court procedures and workings thoroughly. I would definitely recommend him!

Lee T.

Mr. Grossman recently represented me after I was arrested for drug charges. And unlike a lot of other lawyers that I observed, he did exactly everything he said he would do. There was no dishonesty or stringing along like I expected and he was very knowledgeable about everything I was experiencing. My fiance was also arrested with me and he had a not so great public defender so I got to experience lawyers from both ends of the spectrum and Mr. Grossman is definitely the best of the best. And even though he didn't have to, he would often give me advice and insight in my fiance's case as well since his lawyer wasn't always so helpful. Although having a good lawyer is very, very expensive Mr. Grossman worked with us as much as he could and it was worth every penny. He also just always seemed like he cared about my well being. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal services.

Norbert M.

My grandson TP, a teenager, was charged as an adult with three counts of aggravated child molestation. The charges carried a sentence of 25 years to life. We interviewed several lawyers and law firms before hiring Mr. Grossman. Mr. Grossman listened to our issues and discussed our options. We hired Mr. Grossman and he talked to TP several times before the court date was set. It took the state almost a year to bring the case to court. I live out of state and the court date kept being extended. During this extended period of time Mr. Grossman visited TP many times even on Saturdays and Sundays. He did a thorough investigation which included going to the site and interviewing witnesses. Mr. Grossman was always informed, knowledgeable and ready for whatever the state presented us with during the proceedings in or out of the court room. TP and I were always informed about what to expect and our options. During his many visits with TP Mr. Grossman helped TP mentally and made him feel secure. The jury selection by Mr. Grossman was excellent. From day one our Mr. Grossman was very impressive with a calm demeanor. However in the court room his presentation was excellent. It seemed to me, that he was the superior legal mind in the court room. It appeared Mr. Grossman had complete control of everything that happened in the court room. TP was ACQUITTED and his arrest record was expunged. We were highly impressed and always felt secure because of Mr. Grossman's actions and ethics during our ordeal. We highly recommend Mr. Grossman.

Sandra E.

My husband and I employed Mr. Grossman to defend my husband against a Federal charge. While he was unable to obtain an acquittal (the charge was structured in such a way that there was no reasonable defense), Mr. Grossman was able to work with prosecution and negotiate a more favorable outcome for my husband. I found Mr. Grossman to be honest, forthright, and intelligent to work with. He has made himself available to swiftly answer any question my husband or I have had and he has been able to lay to rest many of our fears. Additionally, I employed Mr. Grossman to defend my son on a state charge. Once again, Mr. Grossman was clear and intelligent in his dealings with us, and my son felt he got really excellent representation in court. As a result, my son will have no felony on his record once he successfully completes his probation. We are very pleased with this. Grossman is realistic with setting client's expectations and is smart in how he deals with the court system. He is kind and sympathetic to his client's needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney in metro Atlanta, and I would use him again.

Lori W.

I employed Richard Grossman to defend me as I had been charged with Insurance Fraud in the State of Georgia. The downside is that I live outside the state of Georgia. I had called several attorneys in the State of Georgia to handle my case and was denied by many and/or if they did accept my case, the cost to represent me was enormous. A good friend of the family recommended Mr. Grossman and when I called him, he took the time to listen to my case, offered some reasonable solutions, especially since I did not live in Georgia, and agreed to represent me at a very reasonable cost. Once Mr. Grossman and I agreed upon the terms, he IMMEDIATELY went to work THAT DAY to file a motion that would protect me in my state of residence and prevent me from being extradited. If I had been presented with a warrant in my state of residence, this would have severely upset my home, job and family. Once everything was set-up in Georgia and the court date was scheduled, I safely traveled to Georgia to handle this legal issue, which was handled in a matter of two-weeks!!!! There was no time lost being away from my home and family and I safely traveled back to my home state knowing that this legal issue was properly handled. Mr. Grossman has been readily available throughout the process and he kept me up-to-date on all the issues and is very knowledgeable in his field. He worked hard to represent me and make me feel comfortable, especially since this was my first time dealing with any legal problems. Please note that I am a woman of God, and throughout this process I prayed that God would direct and guide me in the right way. I was given a bad hand due to a situation that was out of my control, but God took care of it and I believe he utilized Mr. Grossman and his expertise to work this matter through. Mr. Grossman comes highly recommended by me.

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    Richard A. Grossman, Trial Attorney

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    Exodo G.

    An AMAZING lawyer! Mr. Grossman was very helpful and is extremely knowledgable! He will fight for you as though you're family and is always in contact regarding any matter. Great listener, determined and supportive are some of many things I can say about him. I'm grateful I got to meet him, I will recommend you give him a call!

    Audrey L.

    Anyone in need of an excellent criminal defense attorney? Then I recommended you check out Attorney Grossman. He is an AWESOME and very knowledgeable attorney. One who deeply cares for his clients. He recently represented my son in two cases. I was very stressed and nervous but believe me after consulting with him. I was able to relax and get regular updates from him which the outcome could have been worst. He does get results and he knows the court proceedings. Thank you attorney Grossman. You ROCKS!!!

    Yandy P.

    This guy is the best I highly recommended him, he is really passionate with his job. He do the best for his clients. Richard help my mom with a really difficult case to get out on the best way she got straight probation because he’s effort in the FEDERAL COURT HOUSE. My god bless you Richard. Richard is one of the best criminal and federal lawyers in Atlanta Georgia Thank you

    Latasha B.

    He took his time to call me back and was very patient listening to a difficult case my girlfriend is dealing with!!!

    Naija O.

    I highly recommend Mr Richard Grossman for your legal struggle, he was God sent to me. Very professional, understands the legal system but more importantly he his very accessible and priced reasonable. He worked tirelessly and came up with good argument to have my felony case dismissed and also gave me updates on every move and contact he had with the prosecuting Attorney. Thank you R. Grossman

    Melissa G.

    I hired Mr.grossman after previously having hired another attorney to represent me in a drug trafficking case . My previous lawyer didn't not give much effort to my case and made me feel very hopeless about my future . after many sleepless night of constantly second guessing my decision of keeping that lawyer to represent me I decided to get a second opinion and started to search for the best attorneys of Atlanta , in my search I came across Mr. Grossman's law firm I read many reviews and saw cases similar to mine and decided to give him a call only having three days until I had to present myself in court. Mr. Grossman met with me outside of business hours on a Sunday to review my case. from the beginning I knew he was someone who really did care about my future and how A minimum sentence of 10 years to serve could affect my life. He asked many questions and answered many of my questions as we reviewed my options and spoke about the details of my case. He reassured me many times that he would do all that he could to get me the best result possible. Mr. Grossman was very patient and took my case very serious . He listened closely to every detail of my case to help prove my innocence and on July 7, 2016 I was found not guilty thanks to Mr. Grossmans knowledge and expert advise during my trail . Mr. Grossman dedicated much time and effort into my case , which I will appreciate him for the rest of my Life .

    Jeff M.

    I am a criminal defense lawyer who has known and worked with Richard Grossman for a number of years. Richard is a dedicated, knowledgeable, creative, and hard-working attorney who has many years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer. This has resulted in many very favorable outcomes for his clients. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

    Matt G.

    I was recently represented by Richard Grossman after facing some serious felony charges. However thanks to Mr. Grossman and his legal knowledge and professionalism he was able to get the most serious charges dropped and I accepted a misdemeanor charge for trespassing and sentenced 12 months probation which eventually will be cleared. If you are facing serious felony charges or even a misdemeanor I recommend Richard Grossman for professional legal representation and a positive outcome.

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