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If the federal government arrests you and charges you with cocaine trafficking or another serious drug offense, they will use their vast resources to try and convict you. Trafficking illegal drugs carries severe penalties. As soon as you suspect you are under investigation, seek experienced legal counsel immediately.

Years of Experience Staying Ahead of Prosecutors

I am Richard Grossman, a cocaine trafficking defense attorney with over 25 years of experience in serving Fulton County, Gwinnett County and the surroounding areas. Since I began to practice law in 1992, I know how to stay ahead of federal and state prosecutors with ample resources to try and secure a conviction. When the stakes are high, I do not back down. I will take every opportunity to protect your rights with an aggressive defense strategy.

If you are accused of drug trafficking, contact our firm for a free initial consultation. I will apply my years of experience and legal skills focused on protecting your rights at every turn possible.

Understanding Federal Cocaine Trafficking Penalties

Even for a first-time trafficking offense, trafficking cocaine or crack cocaine can result in hefty penalties based on the amount in question:

  • 28 grams or more punishable with three years in prison and a $50,000 fine
  • 500 grams or more punishable with five years in prison and a $100,000 fine
  • A kilogram or more punishable with 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine
  • 10 kilos or more punishable with life in prison without parole

Because I have in-depth knowledge of both state and federal sentencing guidelines, I can develop a sound drug defense strategy that seeks the lowest possible penalty in every case.

Protecting Your Rights at Every Turn Possible

Whether you are charged with drug importation, possession with intent to distribute or selling/distributing cocaine, federal prosecutors must prove every element of the cocaine trafficking charges against you. Federal drug enforcement authorities typically proceed to trial only if they believe they have a strong case. I will build a strong defense by carefully examining how evidence was obtained. Any evidence including drugs, paraphernalia and other associated items illegally seized by law enforcement cannot be used to prove the elements of the crime.

Contact a Gwinnett County Drug Possession and Distribution Lawyer

I know what is at stake for you. I regularly work closely with federal court prosecutors and judges and know how to build a solid defense against cocaine trafficking and other drug crimes. Put my knowledge and zealous defense to work for you. Contact our Cocaine Trafficking Defense Attorney for a free consultation so we can begin working for you.

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    Our Client Reviews

    Richard A. Grossman, Trial Attorney

    4.7 / 5.0

    Based on 21 reviews

    Paul N.

    I needed an attorney who was well versed in State and County law. I was lucky to find Mr. Grossman. He represented and protected me in and out of court. He made all the preliminary calls and made sure we were ready to deal with my case. I owe him my gratitude and my respect. I would say, you will be hard pressed to find a better attorney in the Atlanta. Thank you Mr. Grossman.

    David O.

    Attorney Richard Grossman is a very experienced knowledgeable lawyer. I called him to take on my case and he was very responsive. He picked up the phone right away and gave me free consultation that most lawyers will charge you for . I was facing felony charges and he took on my case on a short notice. The case was dismissed on 01/18/2019. I will recommend him highly for anyone facing serious criminal charges . Also he helped me locate my passport which was taking away from me as a bond requirement, I picked up my passport today 02/04/19. Thank you Mr Grossman, God Bless you !

    Cheryl B.

    Richard is not only a fabulous attorney who gets great results, but he truly cares about his clients. He takes the time to listen, explain and answer your questions. I highly recommend him

    Crystal E.

    I am so appreciative and thankful for Attorney Richard Grossman. I was in a very serious situation and needed the expertise of an exceptional lawyer, and Attorney Grossman fit the bill completely. He is an extremely knowledgeable, straight forward, compassionate, and dependable attorney. He went above and beyond and worked extremely hard with everyone involved to get me the absolute best possible result for my case. I am so very grateful for him.

    Exodo G.

    An AMAZING lawyer! Mr. Grossman was very helpful and is extremely knowledgable! He will fight for you as though you're family and is always in contact regarding any matter. Great listener, determined and supportive are some of many things I can say about him. I'm grateful I got to meet him, I will recommend you give him a call!

    Yolanda T.

    Attorney Grossman represented my son in a criminal case. His wisdom and advice enabled my son to keep his record clean and the charges were dropped. He is an excellent attorney and explains the court procedures and workings thoroughly. I would definitely recommend him!

    Lee T.

    Mr. Grossman recently represented me after I was arrested for drug charges. And unlike a lot of other lawyers that I observed, he did exactly everything he said he would do. There was no dishonesty or stringing along like I expected and he was very knowledgeable about everything I was experiencing. My fiance was also arrested with me and he had a not so great public defender so I got to experience lawyers from both ends of the spectrum and Mr. Grossman is definitely the best of the best. And even though he didn't have to, he would often give me advice and insight in my fiance's case as well since his lawyer wasn't always so helpful. Although having a good lawyer is very, very expensive Mr. Grossman worked with us as much as he could and it was worth every penny. He also just always seemed like he cared about my well being. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal services.

    Norbert M.

    My grandson TP, a teenager, was charged as an adult with three counts of aggravated child molestation. The charges carried a sentence of 25 years to life. We interviewed several lawyers and law firms before hiring Mr. Grossman. Mr. Grossman listened to our issues and discussed our options. We hired Mr. Grossman and he talked to TP several times before the court date was set. It took the state almost a year to bring the case to court. I live out of state and the court date kept being extended. During this extended period of time Mr. Grossman visited TP many times even on Saturdays and Sundays. He did a thorough investigation which included going to the site and interviewing witnesses. Mr. Grossman was always informed, knowledgeable and ready for whatever the state presented us with during the proceedings in or out of the court room. TP and I were always informed about what to expect and our options. During his many visits with TP Mr. Grossman helped TP mentally and made him feel secure. The jury selection by Mr. Grossman was excellent. From day one our Mr. Grossman was very impressive with a calm demeanor. However in the court room his presentation was excellent. It seemed to me, that he was the superior legal mind in the court room. It appeared Mr. Grossman had complete control of everything that happened in the court room. TP was ACQUITTED and his arrest record was expunged. We were highly impressed and always felt secure because of Mr. Grossman's actions and ethics during our ordeal. We highly recommend Mr. Grossman.

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