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Innocent? How to Fight Off Kidnapping Charges

Atlanta GA Criminal Defense LawyerYou’ve just gone through a nasty divorce. Neither you nor your ex seem to see eye to eye on anything anymore…even with the kids. You’ve just finished with your weekend visitation when your entire day goes to pot…the car breaks down, and of course your cell phone is completely dead. There’s no way you’re making it back with the kids in time for the drop off.

So what happens now? Your ex calls the Atlanta cops. No one can get a hold of you, and now they assume you’ve fled with the children.

They’re reporting you as a kidnapper on television. Your ex may have even convinced them to sound an Amber Alert. After all, “interference with custody” is one of the types of kidnapping charges that fall under the law in Atlanta!

Kidnapping charges are no laughing matter. They’re a felony and can put you behind bars for an entire decade. But you know you’re innocent, and the last thing you want is to have less time seeing your kids than you already are.

Call Our Atlanta Attorney to Discuss the Kidnapping Charges

Our Atlanta federal crime attorney is knowledgeable in having kidnapping charges thrown out and is here to advise you regarding your case. We have over 20 years of experience, including kidnapping cases and defense, and will work our hardest to see your charges dismissed, your record acquitted, or your sentence reduced.

You deserve to have your rights protected…and your family put first. Unfortunately, our Atlanta firm knows all too well that many kidnapping cases are associated with custodial issues between parents. Contact us right away for assistance.

Posted on behalf of Richard Grossman, Trial Attorney
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