Atlanta Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a serious federal or state criminal offense, it is essential to have experienced legal representation. Your freedom, job and reputation are on the line.

Atlanta Federal and State Criminal Defense Attorney

I am Richard Grossman, an Atlanta criminal attorney with more than 20 years of experience defending clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges. I will apply my legal skills and tenacious approach to protect your best interests at every turn possible.

If you are accused of committing a state or federal offense, contact my Atlanta firm online or call (678) 500-9986 for a free initial consultation. I am available to meet with you in jail or at my law office to discuss your case and your defense.

Experienced Trial Lawyer Fighting for You

Over the past two decades, I have secured numerous not-guilty verdicts and have frequently had charges reduced or dismissed. My criminal defense strategy includes filing motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence, employing investigators who can locate and interview key witnesses, and researching the law to obtain the best possible result for my clients.

When you select my law firm, I will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover any evidence that can be used in your favor. If law enforcement violated your rights or if any evidence proves to be inconclusive, I will fight for a reduction in charges or a dismissal. I will apply my years of experience staying ahead of the prosecution to your advantage.

Handling Serious Criminal Matters in Atlanta

I have extensive experience defending clients facing serious state and federal charges, including:

  • Drug crimes
  • Serious property crimes
  • Murder and other violent crimes
  • Internet crimes
  • White collar crimes

Whether you have been charged with drug trafficking, embezzlement or another serious crime, I will zealously defend your rights in pretrial negotiations, through extensive motions and at trial, if necessary. Every case is thoroughly prepared, so that I am well-prepared to produce the best outcome for you.

Contact Georgia State and Federal Crimes Defense Attorney

To talk with an experienced Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, contact my law office online or call (678) 500-9986. I have extensive experience handling state- and federal-level offenses throughout Georgia. During a free initial consultation, I will outline the steps I can take to protect your rights.

Recent Victories

State of Georgia v. Dalan Grant : In Fulton County, Ga. Mr. Grant was charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and Possession of a Firearm During Commission of a Felony – all charges were dismissed.

State of Georgia v. Maria Jaquez : In Jefferson County, Ga. Agents found 400 lbs of marijuana in the vehicle Ms. Jaquez was traveling in. She was charged with Trafficking in Marijuana – all charges were dismissed.

State of Georgia v. Manuel Burciaga : In Clayton County, Ga. Mr. Burciaga was charged with RICO Conspiracy, Trafficking in Methampthetamine, Cocaine and Marijuana, and Money Laundering – all charges were dismissed.

State of Georgia v. Phylos Pokem : In DeKalb County, Ga. Mr. Pokem was charged with Felony Murder and Second Degree Forgery – Felony Murder charge was dismissed.

State of Georgia v. William Nichols :In DeKalb County, Ga. Mr. Nichols was charged with Murder,Felony Murder, Armed Robbery and Aggravated Assault – all charges were dismissed.

State of Georgia v. Brandon Ramos : Clayton County, Ga. Mr. Ramos was charged with Statutory Rape.The jury found Mr. Ramos not guilty.

State of Georgia v. T.P. : Clayton County, Ga. TP, a juvenile, was charged with Aggravated Sodomy and Aggravated Child Molestation. The jury found TP not guilty of all charges.

State of Georgia v. Scott Dahlman : Fayette County, Ga. Mr. Dahlman was charged with Murder,Felony Murder and Arson – all charges were dismissed.

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