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Atlanta Drug Possession Lawyer

Georgia Marijuana Possession Attorney

Georgia treats crimes involving drug possession very seriously. Furthermore, if you are involved in a drug-related transaction that crosses state lines, you will likely face Federal drug charges in addition to any state charges. Drug possession as part of any conspiracy involved in drug manufacturing or distribution makes you accountable for all related federal drug offenses. Under the doctrine of conspiracy, you can actually face multiple charges regardless of whether you actually participated in the other drug crimes.

Don't place your defense and potentially your freedom into the hands of an inexperienced drug crimes attorney with no federal court experience. Contact me, attorney Richard A. Grossman, by email or call my office at (678) 358-6555.

State or federal charges, misdemeanor or felony drug possession

Before you plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance, discuss your situation and your options in a confidential, no-cost consultation with me. I offer extensive experience handling drug possession cases involving:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Methamphetamine (crystal meth)
  • Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs like Valium, OxyContin or Xanax

While marijuana possession up to one ounce is considered a misdemeanor, possession of any amount of harder drugs like cocaine (or crack), heroin or meth is a felony. I offer over twenty years of criminal defense experience, working in both state and federal courts throughout Georgia. Whether you face misdemeanor or felony drug possession charges, I know what it takes to effectively defend you against serious drug charges and the often harsh consequences, including fines, jail time and probation.

Protecting your Constitutional rights

I will thoroughly investigate your arrest to determine if your Constitutional rights were violated during an illegal search and seizure or the resulting arrest. I work hard to suppress evidence obtained illegally and negotiate with prosecutors on a routine basis to get the charges against you reduced. My firm also provides aggressive drug trafficking and drug distribution defense in cases involving illegal narcotics.

If you have been arrested for illegal drug possession, contact our Drug Possession Lawyer immediately or call Richard A. Grossman at (678) 358-6555 for a free initial consultation.

Recent Victories

State of Georgia v. Perez

Case #17-CR-573-SG
Charges: Trafficking in Methamphetamine
Level III - 25-year mandatory minumum
Lumpkin County Superior Court
On June 26, 2018, this case was dismissed

State of Georgia v. Clark

Case # 16SC147213
Charges: Aggravated Assault, Cruelty to Children. Charges reduced to misdemeanors. Suspended sentence i.e. no jail, no probation. First Offender Treatment=No conviction. Fulton County Superior Court: May 17, 2017

State of Georgia v. Spencer

Case # 16SC145748
Charges: Armed Robbery, Reckless Conduct. Client facing mandatory minimum 10-year prison sentence without the possibility of parole. All charges Dismissed. Fulton County Superior Court: February 17, 2017

State of Georgia v. Gonzalez

Case # 15B-04016-10
Charges: Trafficking in Methamphetamine. Client facing 10 year mandatory minimum prison sentence. After trial by jury, not guilty verdict. Superior Court of Gwinnett County: July 7, 2016

State of Georgia v. Tahhan

Case # 15SC133921
In Fulton County, Ga. Armed Robbery, Home Invasion and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony. Dismissed on August 18, 2015

State of Georgia v. Garnez

Case # 15SC133726
In Fulton County, Ga. Kidnapping. Dismissed on August 20, 2015

State of Georgia v. Katrina Shardow

In Fulton County, Ga. After a two-week trial a jury found Ms. Shardow not guilty of murder and related charges on May 26, 2015.

State of Georgia v. Dalan Grant:

In Fulton County, Ga. Mr. Grant was charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and Possession of a Firearm During Commission of a Felony – all charges were dismissed.

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