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Marietta Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

Are you being investigated for child pornography crimes? When you are innocent and want to clear your name, I can represent you in your case. Home computers and networks are being used every day to distribute malicious files and websites. Child pornographers are always finding new ways to stay a step ahead of law enforcement, which often results in innocent parties getting caught in the crossfire.

By using your home network as a hidden distribution point, child pornographers can operate in the shadows. However, should your network come under scrutiny from the law, it is you who must prove you are innocent of any wrongdoing. When it comes to open Wi-Fi connections, proving your innocence becomes much more difficult.

Open Wi-Fi Exploits

When your Wi-Fi connection is unsecured at your Marietta home, or you are using an open network at a business, there is nothing stopping criminals from accessing your devices. They can upload files that contain distribution coding to your online devices. This type of malicious code will continue to share files from your machine without your knowledge. Distribution files of a criminal nature are more often than not used to share child pornography, making you an unwilling accomplice to a serious felony.

Hiring the Right Lawyer

An inexperienced lawyer will not have the technological knowledge to prove your innocence. In order to clear your name, it must be established beyond doubt that you were unaware of the malicious programs or files on your devices. Failure to do so will result in you spending time in prison for a crime that you did not commit.

I'm Richard Grossman, and I am a lawyer with over 20 years of experience. I am heavily invested in defending those who have been falsely accused of cybercriminality. Contact my offices today for a consultation so that I can assess your needs.

Recent Victories

State of Georgia v. Perez

Case #17-CR-573-SG
Charges: Trafficking in Methamphetamine
Level III - 25-year mandatory minumum
Lumpkin County Superior Court
On June 26, 2018, this case was dismissed

State of Georgia v. Clark

Case # 16SC147213
Charges: Aggravated Assault, Cruelty to Children. Charges reduced to misdemeanors. Suspended sentence i.e. no jail, no probation. First Offender Treatment=No conviction. Fulton County Superior Court: May 17, 2017

State of Georgia v. Spencer

Case # 16SC145748
Charges: Armed Robbery, Reckless Conduct. Client facing mandatory minimum 10-year prison sentence without the possibility of parole. All charges Dismissed. Fulton County Superior Court: February 17, 2017

State of Georgia v. Gonzalez

Case # 15B-04016-10
Charges: Trafficking in Methamphetamine. Client facing 10 year mandatory minimum prison sentence. After trial by jury, not guilty verdict. Superior Court of Gwinnett County: July 7, 2016

State of Georgia v. Tahhan

Case # 15SC133921
In Fulton County, Ga. Armed Robbery, Home Invasion and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony. Dismissed on August 18, 2015

State of Georgia v. Garnez

Case # 15SC133726
In Fulton County, Ga. Kidnapping. Dismissed on August 20, 2015

State of Georgia v. Katrina Shardow

In Fulton County, Ga. After a two-week trial a jury found Ms. Shardow not guilty of murder and related charges on May 26, 2015.

State of Georgia v. Dalan Grant:

In Fulton County, Ga. Mr. Grant was charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and Possession of a Firearm During Commission of a Felony – all charges were dismissed.

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