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What’s the Difference Between Drug Trafficking and Drug Possession?

Atlanta GA Trial LawyerBeing charged with possession is not as serious as being implicated in drug trafficking or distribution, but both are still pretty heavy charges.

Possessing drugs is usually classed as a misdemeanor. Being found with marijuana up to a certain amount is serious but won’t result in the worst penalties.

However, simply possessing other harder substances like heroin, meth, or cocaine could land you with a felony charge.

Any connection to drug distribution efforts can implicate you in those charges, as well. This means that even if you haven’t been caught sharing the drug, holding it in part of the effort to distribute it can slam you with the other associated offenses.

The charges you face can be affected by things such as:

  • What kind of substance was found
  • How much of the drug was present
  • Other items found during the search
  • Statements you make

Drugs and the misuse of controlled substances are serious matters in Georgia. If you face a charge concerning any of these, you need to seek expert legal help.

Much of your defense will be founded on questioning the legitimacy of the evidence or search-and-seizure proceedings. For this, you’ll need a seasoned attorney at your side.

You don’t have to plead guilty right away to any charge.

Take advantage of your opportunity to talk with Richard Grossman, Trial Attorney in a free and confidential consultation to learn what your options are. His over 20 years of experience in successfully reducing or dismissing drug charges can help if you find yourself tangled up in accusations of illegally possessing or distributing controlled substances.

Posted on behalf of Richard Grossman, Trial Attorney
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