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Prescription Drug Fraud

GrossmanPrescription drug fraud has been a rapidly growing drug crime in the United States over the past couple of decades. Chronic pain sufferers who are addicted to pain medication or opiates often find that they need increasingly larger doses of prescription drugs to obtain the same relief. Many people who have or had a valid prescription for pain medications find that they are “doctor shopping” in order to get their hands on more and more drugs to appease their addictions.

While those who are in pain have the sympathy of doctors and care takers, patients must still abide by the law in order to acquire necessary prescription drugs. Doctors are limited to how much medication they can prescribe to patients because of the vulnerability that most people face of becoming addicted to them. Many people try to skirt around the law and visit different doctors and different offices to obtain narcotics. When you fail to advise a doctor of any and all medications that you are taking or of any and all prescriptions that you already have – you are committing a criminal fraud.

Richard Grossman is a skilled and experienced Prescription Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer in Atlanta that has the ability to defend those who are charged with prescription drug fraud. He is a passionate defender of the constitutional rights of those accused with criminal drug crimes, and you can trust that he will be your best advocate in court. All allegations and evidence against you will be thoroughly investigated and challenged to ensure that your case ends with the most favorable outcome.

Serious felony charges in Georgia include:

  • Illegal use or distribution of prescription drugs
  • Obtaining prescriptions by fraud
  • Using forged prescriptions
  • Sharing your prescriptions with others
  • Illegally prescribing drugs
  • Operating a vehicle while under the influence of a prescription drug

If you face any charge related to an illegal use or possession of prescription drugs, including prescription drug fraud, contact Richard Grossman today. Richard Grossman will fight for you!

Posted on behalf of Richard Grossman, Trial Attorney
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