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Manhunt in Putnam County

Atlanta GA Criminal Defense LawyerIt’s impossible to miss the news headlines this week.

Two highly dangerous criminals escaped from a prison transport vehicle on Tuesday, June 13, killing two correctional officers in the process. The escape has triggered a manhunt all across the state of Georgia.

The prison bus was transporting 33 inmates and two guards. When inmates Donnie Russell Rowe and Ricky Dubose overpowered the guards, they took their weapons and hijacked a passing vehicle.

Both inmates had been sentenced for armed robbery and aggravated assault and were serving their sentences at Baldwin State Prison.

One lead revealed that the escapees had broken into a Morgan County home and stolen food and clothing. Police are still combing an extensive area in search of clues as to where the convicts could be headed.

Families of deceased correctional officers Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue are eager to see justice.

In Trouble? No Need To Run

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