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Insurance Fraud: What It Is and How It Affects You

Atlanta GA Trial LawyerAre you at risk of being charged with insurance fraud?
With some 20 years of experience in defending insurance fraud claims, Atlanta Attorney Richard Grossman has the facts you need.

Do You Know What Insurance Fraud Is?
Insurance fraud happens when the policyholder or even a service provider tries to get money from the insurer that they are not entitled to.

Fraud is classified in two degrees:

  • Hard fraud – deliberately fabricating or causing an incident to report for reimbursement
  • Soft fraud – stretching the truth of a situation by omitting information or exaggerating facts

Insurance Fraud Has Serious Consequences
Some people feel it’s perfectly normal to ‘milk’ their insurer for all the benefits they can get. Others believe that they can benefit from getting a little extra money without hurting anyone in the process.

In actuality, increasing rates of insurance fraud are driving up premiums for everyone. Higher insurance costs to you will in turn affect how much you can afford to charge your customers.
Here in Georgia, a charge of insurance fraud comes with serious consequences like fines and imprisonment. If someone alleges you’ve committed fraud, this isn’t something you can afford to ignore.

Expert Help with Insurance Fraud Claims – You’re Probably Not to Blame
Attorney Richard Grossman will unearth evidence that works in your favor to lighten any charge of insurance fraud or dismiss it entirely.

Contact us if someone claims you’ve committed insurance fraud. We’ll let you know what laws apply in your case, the evidence that supports your stand, and the options and rights that you have. Call us at today for a free initial consultation.

Posted on behalf of Richard Grossman, Trial Attorney
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