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How Could You Be Accused of Credit Card Fraud?

Atlanta GA Lawyer for Credit Card FraudA charge of credit card fraud often takes people by surprise. In fact, it’s easier to commit fraud than you might think. So easy, that it can happen unintentionally.

Some of the ways people get entangled with a fraud charge start out very small.

Ask yourself how you’re doing in the following areas:

Credit Card Applications

Providing misleading information on a credit card application still counts as fraud, even when you haven’t used any money yet. Intentionally deceiving the lender can land you with some heavy charges.

Disputing Transactions

Did you really buy that? It’s easy to second-guess when you review monthly statements. But be careful about denying online purchases. If you often demand refunds for transactions you “forgot” about, this will bring you under scrutiny.

Pay close attention to your credit card activity so that you will know with certainty if anyone has made an illegal transaction in your name.

Using Someone Else’s Card

We’ve all been there where we had to borrow Dad’s credit card for the day, but this is about more than just having someone’s permission. Using someone else’s card could be breaking the terms outlined by the issuer.

Help Overturning A Fraud Charge

What if, in spite of your best efforts, you’re still socked with a charge of credit card fraud? Be cautious about making any hasty statements.

Your first step should be consulting a legal expert. Atlantic Federal Crime Attorney Richard Grossman has the knowledge and resources that can get you out of a sticky situation.

Credit card misuse is nothing to mess around with. Contact the best defense team in Atlanta.

Posted on behalf of Richard Grossman, Trial Attorney
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