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Have You Been Charged with Homicide in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Atlanta GA Criminal Defense LawyerExactly what causes a motor vehicle crash is not always clear, despite how cut-and-dry it may appear to some. An accident can happen in just a couple seconds, too fast for anyone to know what happened.

Weather conditions, vehicular problems, and the mindset of drivers can all influence what happens in an accident.

With so many factors at play, how can you prove your innocence?

First of all, if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision and face charges of vehicular homicide, you need to tread carefully. Do not ever admit to anything, take any blame, or apologize for your actions.

The number one priority is ensuring all affected survivors get to a safe place and get the medical attention they need. Contact emergency services right away. Exchange insurance information as thoroughly and as soon as possible, but don’t engage with the other party involved.

Take photos and video footage of everything you can. Every bit can serve as evidence in your defense. Your phone camera may capture the road condition and the state of all vehicles that were in the accident.

Contact your insurance company after finishing up the police report to let them know of the incident. Your rates may go up after such an event, but don’t suggest to your company that you may have been at fault. Wait until you get the whole situation straightened out in court.

Getting involved in a car accident is messy business. You’ll need an Atlanta defense attorney who knows how to get you out of it. Contact Richard Grossman for a no-obligation initial consultation if you face charges of vehicular homicide.

Posted on behalf of Richard Grossman, Trial Attorney
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