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Caught Possessing Marijuana? Call Our Atlanta Lawyers

Lawyer in Atlanta GA for Marijuana TraffickingAtlanta legal experts are considering making the possession of marijuana a misdemeanor. But as of now, the state still considers the crime to be a felony if you’re caught with more than an ounce. Yet, people with medical conditions such as chronic pain, Parkinson’s Disease, ASD, and many others, continue to use cannabis to soothe health-related woes.

In addition to a hefty fine, you could also be looking at up to 10 years in jail if you’re caught with an ounce or two of marijuana for your own personal use. If you planned on giving it to someone else, even the lowest weight can land you in prison. The same goes for growing your own plants in the privacy of your home. When minors are involved, the time sentence can go up to 20 years.

That’s not to mention losing your driver’s license.

Perhaps the marijuana wasn’t even yours…your teen’s friend “left” it in the back seat of your car and it got noticed when you were pulled over for speeding. Even though it isn’t necessarily “your” drug or on your physical person, it’s still in your possession. As such, you’ll be prosecuted as if you were the one who bought it and had it in your vehicle, even if you’ve never seen it before.

Richard A. Grossman, Trial Attorney in Atlanta is well familiar with handling cases that involve drug possession for both medical and recreational use. In many situations, you can enter a first offender plea to try to have your charges dropped. Or if you know that’s not an option, pleading no contest may help you avoid having your driver’s license suspended. Call us today.

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