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Are You Liable When Your Dog Attacks?

A dog attack can be a serious event that leaves long-term physical and emotional scars. Children have an especially hard time recovering from the trauma.

The state of Georgia has firm laws on what happens when a dog attacks. These are often compounded by local ordinances.

Such laws are laid down even harder when it comes to notoriously aggressive dogs like pit bulls (American Staffordshire Terriers).

Many dog owners have ended paying out thousands, out-of-pocket or, more commonly, through their insurance in punitive damages.

If someone accuses you of negligence leading to a dog biting, how can you defend yourself?

Your Defense Against A Dog Bite Accusation

You’ll have to prove that you did all you were supposed to while the victim was the one who went beyond the bounds of reason.

For example:

  • Proof your dog was on an approved leash or within legal bounds of private property
  • Evidence a person provoked your dog
  • Witnesses in your neighborhood who can vouch for the dog’s character and any breach of conduct on the part of the victim

Best of all, you can call the best defense attorney in Atlanta to get advice.

Criminal Defense Attorney After A Serious Dog Attack

You should know that in cases of gross negligence leading to a dog attack, it’s possible to face criminal charges.

Keep your dog on a close leash if he or she has a tendency to be aggressive. Get familiar with the local dog laws in your area. Make sure everyone in your neighborhood knows your dogs and how to behave around them.

Most importantly, contact Richard Grossman if you find yourself up against criminal charges in the wake of a dog attack.

Posted on behalf of Richard Grossman, Trial Attorney
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